About Company


Ore-met Mining, which was established as a family company in the region of Isparta Yalvaç in the 1970s, started its first mining experiments in 2003 with the entrepreneurial spirit of investors and administrators for institutionalization.

The company, which started with barite mining, was followed by magnesite, chrome, bauxite and ultimately olivine, and it was established as a family partnership and today it has become a giant corporation that produces and markets mining and industrial minerals.



We are one of the indispensable suppliers of Iron and Steel and cement industry; it has aimed to provide support to the economy of the country in terms of added value and employment by opening up production of all the mining fields it has in its possession.

All studies on the iron and steel, refractory, sand blasting and pouring industry are continuing for the olivine ore in Eğirdir Pazarköy. Our company, which owns one of the highest quality olivine fields in the World. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal in our company, which adopts the principle of standard quality at every point from olivine to ready product. The equipments pof our factory has been supplied and designed by following the latest technological developments.